rotational control of photodissociation dynamics

报告题目   rotational control of photodissociation dynamics
报告人   韩山雨 助理教授
报告人单位   南京大学
报告时间   2024-01-08 16:30:00
报告地点   物质科研b楼1502会议室
主办单位   合肥微尺度物质科学国家研究中心、国际化学理论中心、精准智能化学重点实验室


  rotational excitation of the parent molecule typically has a relatively small impact on both the dynamics and product-state distribution because of the small amount of energy involved in (thermal) rotational excitation as well as the weak coupling between the parent rotation and the dissociative coordinate. on some occasions, rotational excitation can be very important. here, i present two examples where the parent rotation controls the photodissociation dynamics. one is the photodissociation of o3 in the hartley band, in which the alternations of even and odd states in rotational distribution are dependent of initial rotational states of parent molecules due to a lambda doublet propensity. in another case, initial rotational states can strongly influence the vibrational state distribution of co fragment in hco photodissociation in the a-band. such unique phenomenon is rationalized by the dependence of the lifetime of the vibronic resonance facilitated by the renner-teller interaction. these two examples underscore the importance of rotational control in photodissociation.



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